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UPDATED 07/30/17/2244: We removed outbound links to all Florida talent agencies today on this page of the Florida Models legacy web site. These links will be added again in the future, but will link to our annex web sites, of which we have made some substantial investments last year; those sites will be online in 2017, and will include FloridaModelingAgency.Com and FloridaTalentAgency.Com , which we own, and which we have special plans for. These sites will be new, advanced next-generation talent resource sites which are at least 15 years more advanced than Tampa Bay Modeling currently is, and 20 years more advanced than this legacy Florida Models web site. Although this site will be updated soon with a brand new site, a successor to Florida Models is in development, as well as a new modeling job resource web site which will be at FloridaModelingJobs.Com (which took us two years to get from someone who had obtained it just days before we planned to invest in back in 2014, after we had spent close to a year building that web site for that domain name, which we were waiting to get when the site was ready. We finally were able to get it because they abandoned it, and we were watching and waiting for them to do that. We are.... patient. Florida Modeling Jobs no longer has anything to do with what it was used for before, and we have some very special content planned for that site which will address what had been done. Let’s just say that there are some modeling jobs which models should not do).
The new Florida Models web site, which is not the successor talent resource web site in development, will be online and will be regularly updated in 2017. It, too, will be a next-generation talent resource site, and will be at least 20 years more advanced than what is here, now. If you think that we were effective before, get ready to have your mind blown, as we have been working on new tactics and tools since 2007, and we have 10 years of development and testing done at this point.
These next-generation talent resource sites will be serious resources for models and talent, and will be extremely effective to the point that they will make what is up, now, look like nothing.
Although the information on this page is as accurate as was possible when the previous owners of Florida Models owned the site, this information should be used for reference only, and we will not guarantee its accuracy. Some information, in fact, is out of date.
To make this simple, we could care less if the information on this page is up to date or not. The reason that we removed links to all agencies is that we do not endorse or support talent agencies, as they are, in our opinion, middlemen, and are not the authority of the modeling industry and are not required to make the career of any professional model legitimate.
If you wish to contact the Florida modeling and talent agencies listed on this web site page, we suggest trying whatever phone number is listed, if any, which may not work, or to look them up on any search engine (of course, you will probably find one of our web sites, first. Go ahead and read what is on those sites, and use them as resources for your modeling career).
- C. A. Passinault,
Florida Models
July 30, 2017

TIP 06/26/13: Today we had to remove a licensed modeling agency which was located at the same address as a dangerous modeling scam, and which is working with the scam. Do not deal with any agency affiliated with modeling schools, workshops, classes, boot camps, or modeling portfolio photographers; that is not their business, and that is not what they are in business to do. Remember that, just because an agency is licensed and it is legal on paper, does not make them legitimate. A TA# license through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) makes them legal, but does not mean that they are legitimate, ethical, or professional. An agency is what they do. Most proven and known modeling and talent scams all are legally licensed, but they are still scams (a scam is anything which markets a product or service through deceptive or misleading means). Do not trust any agency until they have earned your trust. Do not allow them to manage your modeling career (really, can you trust their advice when they also manage your competition, who are other models whom they represent?), especially when an agency is supposed to work FOR the models. Agencies are middlemen, and are not the end-all, be-all of a modeling career (anyone who pushes the agency way as being the only way, in our opinion, is either an idiot who does not know what they are doing and repeats the same industry propaganda, or is scamming you). Only use agencies as ONE of MANY sources of modeling jobs, and nothing more, especially as many professional models find and book work on their own now, anyway, without being dependent upon an agency to work! Never buy anything that an agency tries to sell you or from anyone whom they refer you to; an agency is only supposed to make money by referring you to modeling jobs. Avoid being scammed by agencies, and keep them in their proper place. NEVER allow yourself to be dependent upon modeling agencies for your career!

Top Fashion Agencies
SAG Commercial Modeling Agencies

1. Get a modeling portfolio and composite cards before going to any modeling agency if you do not have them already. You need those, and you don’t want to risk getting scammed by an unethical talent agency which is really in business to sell you portfolios or to make money by referring you to photographers instead of doing what an agency is supposed to do, and what they claim to do, which is find you work (in Florida, it is against the law for any agency to make money by selling models anything, or by referring them to services. The laws covering this exist because most agencies will try to do this if they think that they can get away with it; they would not be regulated with such laws, and the laws would not have been created, if there was no risk). Don’t risk it. Make sure that an agency is legitimate
If you do not invest in the proper career market tools, such as a modeling portfolio and comp cards, you really have no business trying to work as a model and book modeling jobs, anyway, as no one will take you seriously, and you will not be able to compete against professional models who have invested in effective professional marketing tools.
You are only as good as the career tools that you use to market yourself as a model, and you only get out of your career what you put into it. You want to be able to compete against those other models for consideration for the same jobs, don’t you? Agency or not, you are going to need an effective, relevant, professional modeling portfolio and composite cards. A professional web site, with a .Com domain name, would not hurt, either.

2. Never buy anything from a modeling and talent agency, or from anyone who they refer you to. They are only supposed to make money by finding and booking models work. A good agent should be able to market you successfully with your existing comp cards and portfolio. Investing in a portfolio before going to any agency, and avoiding buying anything from the agency or whomever they refer you to, is the only way to avoid being scammed by a photo mill agency. An agency which unethically makes money by selling models portfolios has no incentive to find them work. If an agency tries to sell you anything, don’t take them seriously. Walk away. If an agency tries to refer you to a photographer for your portfolio, walk away, as some agencies will get around the law, and ethics, by getting cash kickbacks from unethical photographers. After the model pays for what is sold to them, the jobs never come, because the agency already made their money. Selling portfolios to naive models who walk in the door looking for representation and work is easier than finding them jobs.

3. Agencies have no business managing models or telling them what to do, in our opinion.
The modeling agency works at getting jobs for the model. That is it. Models should use agencies as one of many sources of modeling jobs, and nothing more. It is our opinion that it is a working conflict of interest for any agency to manage a model or tell the model what do to. Why? Because not only is the agency supposed to be working for the model, but the agency also works for the competition of the model. That competition would be other models represented by the agency.
Most modeling scams today are directly connected to modeling jobs and modeling and talent agencies. The agency way being promoted as the only way to have a legitimate career as a model, in our opinion, is not only an industry lie, but agencies which overstep their bounds and attempt to control the modeling industry are the root of most modeling scams. Power corrupts.
An even more bazaar phenomenon in the modeling industry are model management companies which aren’t agencies. In Florida, especially, where agencies are regulated and you have to be a talent agency in order to make money by booking models into jobs, any business which is not an agency, but yet claims to find and book work for models and “manage” them, cannot work because they cannot legally make money by doing what they advertise. So, they are going to find and book models into jobs for free? Anyone who works for free like that can’t obviously do anything for your career, because they demonstrate a total lack of business sense. More often than not, model management companies in Florida bait models in with the promise of jobs, and then try to sell them something, which is bait and switch, deceptive advertising, and fraud. Stay away from scams. Models can manage their own careers, and find their own work.

4. Independent models have an advantage over agency-exclusive models, in our opinion.
Agency models are dependent upon agencies to get work. Independent freelance models are not. Independent models not only find and book work on their own, but they demonstrate, by doing so, that they are marketable. The modeling agency will realize that the model is going to book work without them regardless of what they do, and they will not want to be cut out of the loop and lose commission. As a result, a smart agency will work that much hard to book the independent model into the job before the model can do so on their own.
The models whom are dependent upon the agency are the ones who will lose work because of this, and that is how it should be. The price of dependence is limitation.

5. A modeling and talent agency is a middleman for an independent contractor. Remember that.
Even when booking a modeling job through an agency, you still have to go to the go-see yourself and book it yourself. The model is an independent contractor, regardless of how they get the job, and they are a self-contained business. The agency middleman gets commission from both you and the modeling job based on your pay, so there is overhead there, too. Middlemen can be cut out of the deal if you find the job on your own. Also, many modeling scams are a middleman to a middleman. Once such scheme would be modeling agency placement and referral companies which bait models in with offers of modeling jobs, and then sell them portfolios with the promise of sending them to agencies. If you must deal with agencies, you can do that on your own, too. Don’t be dependent upon anyone in your career.

If you're ready to get into modeling, you will need to invest in a modeling portfolio and composite cards from a professional photographer who specializes in working with models before going to any agency. Your selected photographer should not be affiliated with any talent agency, and they have to have a portfolio demonstrating their experience and that they will be able to give you the professional, relevant portfolio that you need to market your modeling career. A qualified modeling portfolio photographer will be able to instruct you and give you enough experience to get started in your career. A portrait photographer or studio, or a photographer who shoots weddings, serves the consumer market, and unless they can show work and experience that is relevant to the modeling industry, and modeling portfolios that models need, then they will not be able to service a specialized professional market like modeling, and will not be able to give you what you need. Consumer photographers such as wedding and portrait photographers often do not have the skills to service a professional market, and cannot deliver effective headshots or modeling portfolios. Once you have those modeling career marketing tools, you can then start looking for agencie, which smart models will use as one of many sources of modeling jobs in addition to leaving no stone unturned and finding work on their own. Regarding agencies and agents, there are many types depending upon what kind of modeling that you do, or want to do. If you do not already have a good idea of what type of agent you need, what to submit to an agent, or are not yet familiar with how the modeling industry works, please visit our Modeling Books section for titles of modeling books you may find helpful, or review our Model Criteria section. Fashion modeling agencies represent models for runway, editorial and catalogue work, modeling clothing and beauty products. The typical fashion model is between 5'9-5'11 for women, and 6'-6'2 for men. Women should wear a size 6, and be around the ages of 16-22, except in the case of plus-size models who generally wear a size between 10-20. Men should wear a size 40 suit and be between the ages of 17-24. Commercial models model products and services that generally exclude fashion. Also, character models, such as a person who looks like a 'plumber' or 'grandmother' are commercial models. This category of modeling is also referred to as 'lifestyle' modeling. There is no height, size or age restrictions, like fashion modeling. Acting ability is a plus, as many commercial models also do acting as well. Many commercial modeling agencies operate as a division of a talent agency. We have chosen to list SAG-affiliated agencies (Screen Actors Guild) as they are licensed by the state as well as follow SAG guidelines for agency conduct. There are modeling agency directories that list more fashion and commercial modeling agencies, available in your local library, bookstore or online. This list should only serve as a place to start. A bit of advice from the Screen Actor's Guild, as it also applies to modeling agencies:

Legitimate talent agencies do not charge a fee payable in advance for registering you, for resumes, for public relations services, for screen tests, for photographs, for acting (or modeling) lessons, or for many other services used to separate you from your money. If you are signed as a client by a legitimate talent agency, you will pay that agency nothing until you work and then 10 percent (usually 20 percent to modeling agencies) of your earnings as a performer -- but nothing in advance. Legitimate talent agencies normally do not advertise for clients in newspaper classified columns nor do they solicit through the mail. If a purported talent agent seeks to send you to a particular photographer for pictures, hold your wallet tight and run for the nearest exit. Chances are s/he's a phony and receives a cut of the photographer's fee. If you need photographs, choose your own photographer. Better still, try another agent.

Top Florida Fashion Agencies:

Wilhelmina   License Number: TA 0000650
Model Criteria:  Fashion models: females who are at least 5'8, and males who are at least 6'0. Lifestyle/commercial models: female and male models over age 30. Also represents children ages 0-12, plus size and actors.
Open Call:  Monday thru Friday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Casual dress, hair pulled back, simple makeup-if any.
Mail Submission:  Submit at least 2 clear full-face headshots and a full-length body shot. It is suggested that you wear a bathing suit or boxers in the body shot. The most important aspect of the photos is that we can see you in a natural setting. No make-up is needed. Please do not send nude photos. You can submit a composite, if you have one, but still have the headshot and body shot. Please do not mail in a portfolio. Also include you name, measurements (height, bust, hips, waist, eye color, hair color, age) and a contact phone number and address.
Address:  930 Washington, 4th Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  Women/men: (305) 672-9344. Kids: (305) 531-5475
Other:  Open calls are held Thursday between 2 and 4PM. You must bring in your photography. Some models enter with a portfolio and composites, others just have snapshots. These are both acceptable. Dress casually with simple make-up. Be natural and patient. Please note that WE DO NOT HAVE OPEN CALLS FOR CHILDREN. Kids must submit through the mail.
Website:  Wilhelmina Miami

Ford Models   License Number: TA 0000249
Model Criteria:  Girls who are 5'8.5 or taller and between the ages of 16 and 22. Also represents men, plus size.
Open Call:  None listed.
Mail Submission:  The pictures should be natural, no makeup, one full length shot and one face shot. Photos are not returned. They give a NYC address for mail submission: Ford Models, 142 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012
Address:  1775 Collins Avenue, Suite 216, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  (305) 534-7200
Other:  Open call for Men, Women and Plus Size models Thursdays from 3-4pm. Must bring photos.
Website:  _____ FORD MODELS ____

mc2 (Formerly Karin Models)
Model Criteria:  Women: at least 5'9, with a dress size 4-6. Men: at least 6'0.
Open Call:  Info not available.
Mail Submission:  Send recent snapshots, including a facial close-up (with little or no make-up) and a full-length body shot.
Address:  846 Lincoln Road, Penthouse, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  (305) 672-8300
Other:  Has an online submission. Prefer non-professional photos.
Website:  mc2 model mangement - New York Miami Tel Aviv

Irene Marie   License Number: TA 0000012
Model Criteria:  Women, men, lifestyle, plus-size, childrens, TV/film, hair makeup and styling divisions. No other details available.
Open Call:  Info not available.
Email Submission:  If you are interested in becoming an Irene Marie model, please email them at prospect@irenemarie.com. They will send you instructions on how to submit your photos for review.
Address:  728 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  (305) 672-2929
Other:  They also have online submission, and a MySpace page under irenemaremanagement
Website:  Irene Marie

Elite Model Management   License Number: TA 0000353
Model Criteria:  Females between the ages of 13-24. Girls 17 and younger should be at least 5'6. Girls 18 and older should be at least 5'8.
Address:  1200 Collins Avenue, Suite 207, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  (305) 674-9500
Website:  Elite Model Management

Next Models   License Number: TA 0000332
Address:  1688 Meridian Ave., Suite 800, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  (305) 531-5100
Other:  Their website is under construction.
Website:  Next Management

Click Modeling Agency   License Number: TA 0000275
Address:  161 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone:  (305) 674-9900
Other:  Has online submission. Divisions focusing on Women, Men, Plus Size, Runway, Showroom, FIT, and Television Commercials. The talent division manages actors and actresses for film, soap and legit work. Also has a full service Hair/Makeup and Styling division.
Website:  CLICK

SAG-Affiliated Talent Agencies:

Commercial Modeling Agencies

The following agencies are franchised by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Most have commercial print modeling divisions. Where known, website and agency info has been listed. Please follow individual agency submission instructions.

Alexa Model & Talent, 4100 W Kennedy Blvd., Suite 228, Tampa, 33609, (813) 289-8020   License Number: TA 0000250
About:  Has online submission. Children need to be between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. Juniors need to be between the ages of 13 and 18 years old and be 5’7 to 5’11 feet tall. Women need to be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and be 5’7 to 5’11 feet tall. Men need to be between the ages of 18 to 30 years old and be 6’0 to 6’2: feet tall. Lifestyle Women need to be 30 years or older and be 5’6 to 5’11 feet tall. Lifestyle Men need to be 30 years or older and be 5’11 to 6’2 feet tall. Also represents actors.
Website:  Alexa Models Tampa Bay Florida Model and Talent Management Inc

Alliance Talent Group, Inc., 2734 E Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 101, Fort Lauderdale, 33306, (954) 727-9500   License Number: TA 0000648
About:  Represents actors, models, spokespeople and stunt performers.
Website:  Alliance Talent Group Represents Actors, Models, Spokespeople and Stunt Performers in South Florida

Azuree Talent Agency, Inc., 1115 Kentucky Avenue, Winter Park, 32789, (407) 629-5025   License Number: TA 0000877
About:  Represents models, actors and voice over talent ranging in ages from babies to seniors.
Website:  Azuree Talent Agency - Orlando, Florida

Benz Model & Talent Agency, 1313 E. 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Tampa, 33605, (813) 242-4400   License Number: TA 0000567
About:  Has online submission. Open calls for models and talent. Represents Women, Men and Children, as well as actors and VO.
Website:  Tampa Modeling Agency Benz Models Talent Agency

Bicoastal Talent, Inc, 2431 Aloma Ave., Suite 111, Winter Park, 32792, (407) 839-4313   License Number: TA 0000673
About:  Represents actors, screenwriters and print models. Accepts comp cards, no walk-ins.
Website:  BiCoastal Talent Agency - Representation for Actors and Screenwriters on both coasts

Boca Talent and Model Agency, 829 SE 9th Street, Deerfield Beach, 33441, (954) 428-4677   License Number: TA 0000038
About:  Has online submission. Does not represent children under age 3.
Website:  Boca Talent and Model Agency SAG AFTRA South Florida Miami Talent Modeling Agency

Central Florida Talent, Inc., 5400 International Dr., Orlando, 32819, (407) 370-2790   License Number: TA 0000498
About:  CFT accepts mail submissions that include a professional head shot and/or comp card with a resume. Represents lifestyle, high fashion models, specialty acts, and children.
Website:  Innovative Talent Agency Services - CFT - Central Florida Talent

DK Model and Talent Agency, 3894 Tampa Rd., Suite A, Oldsmar, 34677, (813) 854-5491   License Number: TA 0000620
About:  Has online submision. Represents models/talent of all ages for print, commercial, television and promotions. Reps babies from 5mo. Fashion: 5’8 and up.
Website:  DKModel&Talent Agency

The Diamond Agency, Inc., 204 W. Bay Avenue, Longwood, 32750, (407) 830-4040   License Number: TA 0000597
About:  Represents film and television actors, voice-over, and models for print, conventions, promotions.
Website:  Welcome to the Diamond Agency

Dimensions 3 Modeling & Talent Agency, 2827 Cullen Lake Shore Dr., Orlando 32812, (407) 851-2575   License Number: TA 0000119

Famous Faces Ent. Co., 3780 SW 30th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, 33312, (954) 321-8883   License Number: TA 0000171
About:  Represents English and Spanish speaking lifestyle and fashion models, maternity, parts, & fit models, and tradeshow/event models as well as actors and VO.
Website:  Famous Faces Entertainment and Special Events Co

Gilla Roos Miami, 1000 5th St., Suite 203 Miami Beach, 33139, (305) 357-0601   License Number: TA 0000884
About:  Represents lookalikes, stage/screen talent, voiceover, promo, print and fashion models.
Website:  Miami Talent Agency FL Talent Agency in Miami Modeling Agent Miami Models and Actors Agents

Green Agency, Inc., 1620 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach, 33139, (305) 532-9225   License Number: TA 0000504
About:  Represents actors, voiceover, and print models. Has a kids and a Latin division.
Website:  Home

The Hurt Agency Inc., 400 N New York Avenue, Suite #207, Winter Park, 32789, (407) 740-5700   License Number: TA 0000022
About:  Represents actors, voiceover, spokespersons, singers, comedians, stuntpersons, dancers, and runway, print, convention, & hand/leg models.
Website:  The Hurt Agency

In Any Event/Foley Modeling Agency, 140 S. Atlantic Avenue, 5th Floor, Ormond Beach, 32176, (386) 676-2223   License Number: TA 0000415
About:  Represents fitness, plus-size, glamour, promo and print models.
Website:  Foley Modeling Agency

Level Model & Talent Management, 12807 W. Hillsborough Ave., Suite L, Tampa, 33635, (813) 814-4944   License Number: TA 0000800
About:  Has online submision. Represents male and female models of all ages, sizes, races and types.
Website:  Level Model & Talent Management

Louise's People Model & Talent Agency, 863 13th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, 33701, (727) 823-7828   License Number: TA 0000362
About:  Represents commercial print models, including babies, seniors, plus-size and spokespersons.
Website:  Louise's People Model and Talent Inc_ Talent agency for models in St_ Pete, Clearwater, St_ Petersburg Florida

Martin & Donalds Talent Agency, Inc., 2131 Hollywood Boulevard, #308, Hollywood, 33020, (954) 921-2427   License Number: TA 0000466
About:  Represents actors, voice-over talent and commercial print models from babies to seniors.
Website:  Martin & Donalds Model & Talent Agency, Inc

Runways, The Talent Group Inc., 1688 Meridian Avenue, Suite 500, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 673-8245   License Number: TA 0000036
About:  Represents women, men, petite, and plus sizes for fashion, and actors, print, hair and makeup artists. Has online submission.
Website:  Runways The Talent Group

Stellar Talent Agency, 3001 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd., #303, Pembroke Park, 33009, (954) 241-7376   License Number: 0000157
About:  Represents actors and print models. Has a kids/teen division.
Website:  index

Evelyn Stewart's Modeling & Talent Agency, 911 Samy Drive, Tampa, 33613, (813) 968-1441   License Number: 0000017
About:  Represents models, actors and children in film/TV, industrials, fashion, print, and runway modeling as well as promotions and events.
Website:  About Us - Evestalent_com

World of Kids Inc., 1460 Ocean Drive, Suite 205, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 672-5437   License Number: TA 0000420
About:  Specializes in representing babies and children, also represents adult actors and commercial print models.
Website:  World of Kids, Inc_ - Home - Miami, FL

NOTE 12/01/16/0418 :
The following is our opinion.
We could not help but notice as we were removing links to Florida talent agencies today on this page that some of them have terrible branding and other marketing issues. We have to wonder if they know what they are doing.
We sure as hell would not name our business some of these names, or do what they do. We would be embarrassed if we did. We would quit just on principle.
Put it this way: Modeling and talent agencies are supposed to work for the models and talent whom they represent. If they can’t give themselves good branding, such as marketable names, it is our educated opinion that they have no business managing models and talent, giving them advice, or helping them in any way other than finding work for them and referring them to those jobs.
After all, if the agency can’t help themselves, how are they supposed to help or work for models, especially when most professional models can do a better job themselves? - 12/01/16/0426

Florida Models is not responsible for the accuracy of information on this page, as much of the information, which was current before 2012, is no longer current. We are no longer updating this page or correcting information. Use for reference, only.
Florida Models does not endorse any party listed on this page, nor do they necessarily endorse or support us. Not to be taken as a recommendation or advice. For historical information, only.

09/27/12 -

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