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Add Your "Model Available" Listing

Never buy from anyone advertising a job, or contacting you from a job board.
Models: Do not buy anything from anyone contacting you from our model listing section, especially if they are trying to bait you with a job offer. A legitimate modeling job will not charge you anything for consideration.

If it is not obvious that you are a professional model, you will not book work.
To be taken seriously as a professional model, however, you have to invest in your career. You will only get out of your modeling career what you put into it. Any model who is in business to work has to have a modeling portfolio with relevant pictures to the market that they are working in, composite cards, and a web site. The more that you can demonstrate an investment into your career, and experience which is relevant and compatible to the modeling job that you are trying to book, the better. To maximize your marketability and ability to book work, keep it clean. Avoid high-risk modeling work such as glamour, boudoir, lingerie, fetish, modeling in skimpy bikinis, nudes, suggestive poses, and anything “sexy” until you have enough experience in modeling to know what you are doing, and then, when you wish to specialize in high-risk modeling. Once you do high-risk modeling work, you cannot undo it, and you will limit your marketability as a model. You will be limited to high-risk work. Why? Because no business is going to book a model who has pictures and work out there which conflicts with their company image and standards (and, if you are not up-front with your history, and the company works with you, it can lead to legal issues). If you are a new model and a photographer tries to convince you to do high-risk work, it is our opinion that they either do not know what they are doing, or they do not have your best interests in mind. Either way, they won’t be good for your career, especially if both apply. It’s best to walk away and find a professional photographer who will help you establish good, appropriate marketability, and a respectable modeling career. Keep it tasteful and family-friendly. Pictures are forever, and once done, they cannot be undone. The best thing that you can do for your career is to recognize and avoid mistakes which can hurt you.

Should independent freelance models obtain agency representation?
Although this section is for models who are finding and booking work without going through an agency, smart independent freelance models do obtain representation from more than one agency, and they only use them as one of many sources of modeling jobs. We do not recommend allowing any agency to manage you, or make you sign an exclusive representation agreement. Do not allow agencies to control you, manipulate you, and limit your career. Remember that an agency may work for you to find you work, but that they also work for your competition, who are other models. Knowing this, it is our opinion that an agency managing a model, especially when they are supposed to work for the model, is a working conflict of interest; it would be like an employee not only telling their employer what to do, but they would also be doing this while they are working for a competitor (Most employers would fire an employee for either of these things, as the first is insubordination, and the second is an outright conflict of interest). Put the agency in their place and make them work for you. Do not trust any agency until they earn your trust. Many modeling scams in Florida are directly connected to talent agencies and modeling jobs.
Do not buy anything from a modeling and talent agency. Do not buy anything from anyone who an agency refers you to. This is the only way that you will minimize the risk of being scammed by an agency. Agencies are supposed to only make money by finding and referring a model into modeling jobs, and that is it. Other than taking out commission from a model’s pay for booking them into a job, an agency is not supposed to charge a model for anything! - 09/30/12

Model Posting Rules & Instructions

If you'd like to add your information to the Models Available Board, please fill out the form below. All postings must include a web link to your online image, or to a website where your image is posted. This board is geographically specific to FL, and does not accept adult-oriented listings, or links to images/websites that contain nudity or overtly sexually suggestive content, offensive or foul language, or links to that type of content. You must be located in Florida, or planning to be here on a specific date. Professional model listings are for those who work through an agency or management company, and have provided both the name and contact info for that company. Amateur as well as freelance models (models who prefer to book themselves) are posted below them in the Amateur/Freelance section. Listings with photos are posted above free listings, and all posts stay up on the board for approximately 6 months. Your listing will be reviewed to see if it complies with our posting requirements, and you will be notified by e-mail when your listing is added to the board. We post listings generally within two business days of the time of receipt, excluding weekends and holidays.
If you have questions or problems concerning this board, or to update your current listing, please contact us by E-mail.

Add Your "Model Available" Listing

Please tell us about the relevant types of modeling that you do.

Adult/fetish (High risk)
Art/Figure (Potential high risk)
Commercial print
Fashion/Editorial (Specialized)
Glamour (High risk)
Host/ hostess
Lingerie (High risk)
Music videos
Petite fashion
Plus-size (Specialized)
Runway (Specialized)
Sophisticated (Specialized)
Swimwear (Skimpy bikinis or suggestive poses are high risk)
TFP/TFCD (Caution)

Specialized: There are standard HEIGHT/SIZE/AGE industry requirements, although they vary slightly by the job.

High Risk: This is for adults age 18+. Implied or full nudity and sexually suggestive work may be required. Modeling in suggestive poses which can easily be taken out of context, modeling in skimpy bikinis, and other implied work can also be high risk. This is for experienced models, only who want to specialize in this type of work, as it will limit your marketability as a model in mainstream modeling. This is not recommended for new models!

Caution: Use as the exception rather than the rule. TFP/TFCD is not for new models, and it is supposed to describe a mutual collaboration between established professionals. Most professionals are too busy finding, booking work, and working, so this is rare.

We require the following information for your model post.

01. Title of your model listing
02. Your web site address (http://www.modelname.com/, etc) and your web site title or name
03. Your E-mail address
04. Your post to the Models Seeking Work board
05. Type/s of modeling (see above) that you do
For specialized work fields, You MUST meet standard HEIGHT/SIZE/AGE industry requirements to select these. Minimum F: 5'8, M: 6'0.
For high risk work fields, you must be 18+
06. Your gender
07. Nudity/ No nudity. Nudity is high risk
08. Your stats
Height / Weight / Hair color/ Eye color/ Measurements (Female: bust-waist-hips. Male: Waist/inseam) / Shoe size/ Dress/suit size
09. Your location in Florida
10. Agency/ Agencies and contact information (This is optional, as many models screen and get work on their own, and do not send their job prospects to their agent for screening, as this is doing the work for your agent, and will cost you money. If you do not know what you are doing, and are not confident in your ability to figure out if a job is legitimate or not, don't attempt to find work on your own. Stick to an agency. You deserve to be dependent upon the agency for work).
11. Comments to the Florida Models staff (Will not be posted)

Contact us by E-mail to submit this information and add your model post. It is a free service.

All submissions become the property of Florida Models, and become a part of official site content. Submitted content may be removed, at our discretion,only after the originating party contacts us in writing. Removal or editing of submitted content is not guaranteed. Use at your own risk. Florida Models is not responsible for the accuracy of submitted content, links to web sites, or the content on sites that we link to.

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